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Rock & Ritual. Caves, Rocky Places and Religious Practices in the Ancient Mediterranean, 2021, 170 p.

Rock & Ritual. Caves, Rocky Places and Religious Practices in the Ancient Mediterranean, 2021, 170 p. -

This book is the outcome of the analysis and discussion of the links between ritual practices and some natural spaces, particularly caves, but also rockshelters and stones. The articles gathered in this volume show very diverse contexts and researches, mainly from Bronze Age to Roman times. They offer new perspectives about religious landscapes as well as the role of these spaces in territorial organisation. Several contributions try to reconstruct ritual movements, regulated religious itineraries and social practices, whereas others focus on the circulation inside caves and rockshelters, considering the multi-sensoriality of these natural spaces, linked also with the material offerings. Rock & Ritual volume is another evidence of the complexity and variability of ritual practices linked to natural spaces.

Sommaire :

- Introduction : The Potency of Landforms in the Ancient Mediterranean (R. Skeates)

- Bronze Age Cave Rituals in the Pitissae Islands : Cova Des Fum Example (R. Marlasca Martin, J. M. Lopez Gari, M. J. Escandell Torres)

- Little Islands of Darkness. Caves and Cults in the Cyclades Archipelago from Prehistory to the Present (K. P. Trimmis)

- Landscapes, Sensescapes and Figurines : Understanding Rural Shrines in the Punic World (M. Lopez-Bertran)

- Modes of Religiosity in Iberian Iron Age Caves : Religious Behaviour and Sensorial Experience (C. Rueda, S. Machause Lopez, I. Amoros Lopez, I. Grau Mira)

- Ritual Practices and Social Change. The Umbria de Salchite Caves, Memory and Landscape in South-Eastern Iberia (4th to 1st Centuries BC) (S. Gonzalez Reyero)

- Caves, Astronomy and Ritual in the Iberian Peninsula (C. Esteban)

- Ritual Spaces in the Font Major Cave : The Sala del Llac and the Sala de la Mamella (L'Espluga de Francoli, Tarragona) (I. Cots, M. Perez, J. Diloli, R. Ferré, S. Sarda)

- The Centaur's Cave. Symbology of Space and Rituality in the Myth of Heracles and Pholus (M. Giuman)

- A "Rock-spring" Sanctuary in the Greek Tradition ? Ritual Practices at La Fajouse, a Sacred Spring on the Summit of the Eastern Pyrenees (Late 6th Century BC-6th Century AD) (I. Dunyach)

- The Geoarchaeological Evidence of a Sanctuary use During Roman Times. High-resolution Microstratigraphical Analysis of Cova Dels Jurats (Calescoves, Menorca) (M. Gutierrez-Rodriguez, M. Orfila, P. Goldberg)

- Thoughts on the Delimitation and Demarcation of Sacred Spaces Without Visible Boundaries: Standing Stones in the Levant (N. Scheyhing)

- Mesoamerica and Beyond : Considering Ritual Cave use From a Cross-Cultural Perspective (H. Moyes)
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