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44.1, 2018.

Paléorient 44.1, 2018.

H. A. Amirkhanov, The Middle Acheulian site Meshhed III in Wadi Douan (Republic of Yemen) ; F. R. Valla, Sedentism, the "point of non return', and the Natufian issue. An historical perspective ; B. Finlayson, C.A. Makarewicz, Contextualising Beidha, Jordan, in the Southern Levantine PPNB: Communal architecture and chronology ; E.B. Banning et al., Jawafat Shaban and the Late Neolithic in Wâdî al-Bîr, Northern Jordan ; M.D. Price, C.A. Makarewicz, M.S. Chesson, Domestic animal production and consumption at Tall al-Handaquq South (Jordan) in the Early Bronze III ; L. Zhang et al., Ancient mud-brick architecture of Northwest China ; C. Schmidt, Pastoral Nomadism in third millennium BC Eastern Arabia: A view from Al-Zebah in Central Oman ; S. Döpper, Towers and ditches in third millennium BC Eastern Arabia: A view from Building II at Bat, Sultanate of Oman ; M. Heydari, F. Desset, M. Vidale, Bronze Age glyptics of Eastern Jazmurian, Iran ; M. Al-Maqdissi, E. Ishaq, Notes d'archéologie levantine LXII. Une statuette des ancêtres à Palmyre (Syrie), datée du deuxième millénaire av. J.-C. (archives R. du Mesnil du Buisson).
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