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Mysterious cup marks, (actes First International Cupule Conference, Cochabamba, Bolivie, Juillet 2007), (BAR S2073), 2010, 121 p. -

The first cupule conference: introduction and summary (R. G. Bednarik); Estimating the age of cupules (R. G. Bednarik); Cupules in Qatar: potential for determining minimum ages (M. W. Rowe, B. Chance); Lower Palaeolithic cupules obtained from the excavations at Daraki-Chattan in India from 2002 to 2006 (G. Kumar); Relevance of site lithology and taphonomic logic to cupules (R. G. Bednarik); Discriminating between cupules and other rock markings (R. G. Bednarik); The technology of cupule making (R. G. Bednarik); Understanding the creation of early cupules, with special reference to Daraki-Chattan in India (G. Kumar); The interpretation of cupules (R. G. Bednarik); Circular concavities in the rock art of the Cachiyacu River basin, Loreto, Peru (G. T. Echevarría López); Pashash (Peru) cupules and significant figurations (A. Bueno Mendoza); The ambiguity of depressions in rock art (M. van Hoek); Cupules in Bolivia (R. Querejazu Lewis); A short ethnography of cupules (R. G. Bednarik); About lithophones (R. G. Bednarik); Thok'os or thoketos (cupules) (D. Camacho).
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