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Humans. Evolution and Environment, (actes 15e Congrès UISPP, Lisbonne, sept. 2006, Vol. 22, Sessions C06, C08, C14, C62 et WS32), (BAR S2026), 2009, 165 p. - Actes Colloques UISPP

Authenticity in ancient human mitochondrial DNA studies: A review (R. Montiel); Improving inferences on past human migrations: new data from complete mitochondrial sequencing studies (L. Pereira); Bioarchaeology of the Sambaqui groups: skeletal morphology, physical stress and trauma (C. Rodrigues-Carvalho, A. Lessa, S. Mendonça de Souza); Coastal versus Riverine Shellmound builders in Brazil: Methodological Issues Regarding Biodistance (M. M. M. Okumura et al.); Microfossils in dental calculus from a Brazilian Shellmound: where did they come from? (C. H. Boyadjian, S. Eggers, K. Reinhard); Teeth, nutrition, anemia, infection, mortality: costs of lifestyle at the Coastal Brazilian Sambaquis (S. Mendonça de Souza, V. Wesolowski, C. Rodrigues-Carvalho) ; The contribution of cranial morphology of human skeletal remains to the understanding of the biological affinities between Coastal and Riverine Shellmounds in Southern Brazil (M. M. M. Okumura, W. A. Neves); Sambaquis the Brazilian Shell Mounds: What is that all about? (S. Mendonça de Souza, C. Rodrigues Carvalho); Riverine versus Coastal Shellmounds in Brazil (S. Eggers); Technical behavior of the Levantine Aurignacian at Raqefet Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel (G. Lengyel); Coastal Geoarchaeology: The Research of Shell Mounds, Introduction (M. Coutinho Afonso, G. Bailey); Shell Mounds, Palimpsests and the Dynamics of Archaeological Site Visibility (G. Bailey); Danish Stone Age Shell Middens and applied Geoarchaeological and Bioarchaeological Methods (N. Nielsen); A ocupação dos grupos pré-históricos de pescadores coletores em paisagens insulares da Costa do Estado de São Paulo (M. M. B. Gonzalez, S. Nami Amenomori); The Submerged Shell Mounds of Cananéia, São Paulo, Brazil: A case study of underwater archaeology (F. Rizzi Calippo); Microstratigraphy of Shell Middens of Tierra del Fuego (A. Vila et al.); Shellmiddens of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua: Something more than Mounds (I. Clemente Conte, E. Gassiot Ballbè, L. Lechado Ríos); Geoarchaeological Investigations at Shell Mounds, Southern Brazil (M. Coutinho Afonso, L. Loiola Brochier); Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Evolution - Introduction (Grupo de Estudos em Evolução Humana and Eugénia Cunha); Hammers, anvils & nuts: Chimpanzees technology? Applying the concept of “Chaîne Opératoire” to “nut-cracking” – Interdisciplinary research (S. Carvalho, T. Matsuzawa, C. Sousa, E. Cunha; Ethology and Palaeolithic Art. Cervids and caprins in the Palaeolithic art of the Côa Valley (V. Carvalho); Occupational stress markers in a skeletal sample: interdisciplinary approach (S. Assis); Anthropological analysis of the osteological remains of a possible long termed pregnancy (Adro da Igreja Antiga do Olival-Ourém, Portugal) (C. Cruz, R. Marques); Working memory and modern human mind (M. Martín-Loeches).
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