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Status of Prehistoric Studies in the Twenty First Century in India, (actes 15e Congrès UISPP, Lisbonne, sept. 2006, Vol. 1, Session C01), (BAR S1924), 2009, 76 p. - Actes Colloques UISPP

Prehistoric India: Assessment & Prospects in the 21st Century (V. Jayaswal); On the status of Indian Hominoid and Hominid Fossils (A. R. Sankhyan); Understanding Acheulian Culture in the Gandheswari River Valley; Bankura; West-Bengal, India (A. Datta); Prehistoric Research in Bengal - On the threshold (N. Basak); The Neolithic Culture in the Northern Vindhyas and the Middle Gangetic Plain (J. Pal); Experimental Study on the Manufacturing process of the Lower Palaelithic implements from Quartz nodules (K. Polley, R. Ray); Dohkra Craft of West Bengali: A legacy of Indian Archaeometallurgy (F. Chakrabarty); Studies on a human skull fossil entombed within the ferricrete (P. Rajendran); Human Bio-Cultural Diversity in Prehistoric-to-Protohistoric India (A. R. Sankhyan); Is Study of Stone Age Cultures Dead in India? (M. Kumar Singh).
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