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Sites of Memory. Between Scientific Research and Collective Representations, (actes coll. AREA, Prague, févr. 2006), 2008, 123 p. -

The eights number of Castrum Pragense assembles papers from the international conference AREA IV, held at Prague Castle in 2006. Two contributions are devoted to Prague Castle, others to the Czech Ríp mountain and Olympus, the Altamira-cave and Swiss lake dwellings. The authors focus on the perception of these sites in archaeology and by archaeologists, as well as on their interpretation in the frame of individual national histories. Contents : A. Schnapp et al., Archives of memory. A note on the Archives of European Archaeology (AREA) network and its scientific seminars (1998-2008) ; N. Schlanger, J. Marikova-Kubkova, On lieux de mémoire and other archaeological constructs. Some premilinary considerations ; J. Frolik, Achtzig Jahre Archäologie auf der Prager Burg ; K. Sklenar, Rip mountain and the beginnings of Czech Archaeology ; S. Lévin, Mount Olympus and Memory : from Landscape to Utopia ; O. Moro Abadia, Art Caves as Symbolic Spaces : the case of Altamira ; M.-A. Kaeser, Le refoulement savant d'un passé mythique ? Les sites préhistoriques lacustres, lieu de mémoire de la Nation suisse ; J. Marikova-Kubkova, Die Rolle des Archäologie bei der Formierung der Symbolik der Prager Burg.
Référence : 37373. Allemand, Anglais, Français
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