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Canoes of the Grand Ocean, (BAR S1802), 2008, 154 p., 13 pl. coul. -

If Oceanic canoes, by their very strangeness were surprising to the earliest European observers, it was not long before their descriptions shifted from being impressed, enthusiastic or fascinated and gave way to detailed observations, measurements, comparisons and representations. Canoes are also the means by which the islanders apprehend space. In this perspective, this interesting volume on the study of canoes of the 'Grand Ocean' remains a vehicle for discovery. Contents: Canoes of the 'Grand Ccean' (A. Di Piazza); Early European descriptions of oceanic watercraft: Iberian sources and contexts (C. Mondragón, M. Luque Talavá); Voyaging exchanges: Tahitian pilots and european navigators (A. Salmond); Traditional oceanic canoes as seen by Admiral Pâris (E. Rieth); Polynesian representations of geographical and cosmological space: Anuta, Solomon islands (R. Feinberg); Origins and relationships of Pacific canoes and rigs (A. Horridge); Dugout and sewn plank canoe construction on Raivavae, Austral islands (R. Veccella); Simulating island discovery during the Lapita expansion (C. Avis, A. Montenegro, A. Weaver); Simulating polynesian double-hulled canoe voyaging. combining digital and experimental data to prepare for a voyage to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) (B. M. Evans).
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