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Caesarea Maritima, the Late Periods (700 - 1291 CE), (BAR S1771), 2008, 434 p., 27 fig. -

Caesarea Maritima is located on the eastern Mediterranean coast about 50 kilometres north of Tel Aviv, Israel. Between 1992 and 1997, large-scale excavations took place on the site, conducted by the Combined Caesarea Expeditions (CCE) and the Israeli Antiquity Authority (IAA). Thousands of pottery vessels from Post Byzantine levels, either intact or fragmental, were unearthed. Many were retrieved from sealed and homogeneous loci accompanied by coins, inscriptions and other dateable items. The selected samples represent the various types related to the Post Byzantine occupation levels. These are divided into two main historical eras: The Early Islamic (640-1101 C.E.), and the Crusader and Mamlûk periods (1101-1291). 16 strata and 10 phases were identified and each of these can be almost precisely dated and contain an exceptionally rich repertory of local and of imported pottery vessels. The data in this volume is presented consistent with chrono-typological appearance, the assemblages within each stratum being divided into three main categories: table ware, containers, and cooking ware.
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