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Frameworks for Dating Fossil Man, 2007, 376 p.

Frameworks for Dating Fossil Man, 2007, 376 p. -

This is the first book to appear which correlates within a single volume the relevant data for both archeological and geological dating of human fossil remains. The author was trained both as a geologist and as a prehistorian, and has written this book first to meet the needs of archeologists wishing to learn the stratigraphical frameworks now applied to Quaternary deposits, and second to meet the needs of geologists requiring to know the terminology of Paleolithic and Mesolithic cultures. In this book, the author makes use of the results obtained from the latest dating techniques, both relative and absolute. Charts give the latest radiocarbon datings of Middle and Upper Paleolithic sites and cultures in Europe, the Near East and Africa. In an appendix all the most important human fossil remains are listed by name, with dates of discovery, stratigraphical and cultural datings, and absolute ages where known.
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