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ÉPUISÉ - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn from Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York, (Archaeology of York, 17/12), 1999, réimp. 2005, 224 p., 103 ill. -

This important new publication presents bone, antler, ivory and horn manufacturing debris and objects from five locations in the city of York. The date range for the assemblage is c 850-1450. The bulk of the material is of Anglo-Scandinavian date and was recovered from excavations of well-preserved structures and associated features at 16-22 Coppergate. The smaller assemblages of post-Roman material from the Coppergate Watching Brief, 22 Piccadilly, The Bedern and Fishergate produced further comparable material. Taken together, these sites provide a very detailed picture of the production processes and the many uses of bone, antler, ivory and horn over a period of six centuries.The report includes a brief description of the sites from which the material was recovered. This is followed by a discussion of the conservation techniques used to preserve these assemblages, and of the problems associated with identification of the various materials under discussion. The rest of the report presents the material in two main sections. The first section 'Craft and Industry' describes and evaluates the evidence for the production of objects. There is a wealth of evidence for the production of antler combs, as well as other artefacts such as beads. The second section 'Everyday Life' includes a wide range of objects from simple bone points to skilfully decorated personal items, including motif pieces, gaming pieces, parts of musical instruments, writing equipment, textile making equipment and many other forms.
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