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Buddhist Stupa (Phra Chedi) Architecture of Thailand, 2000, (trad. de l'édition allemande de 1912), 168 p. -

The author has carried out the most exhaustive study ever done by a Western researcher on the Buddhist edifices known in Thailand as phra chedi. He, who worked in Siam during the early decades of the twentieth century, personally visited phra chedi or stupa edifices in various Bangkok temples. He traces the origins of this peculiar building, discusses its uses, and examines its place in Thai Buddhist temple complexes. A complete classification of all the architectural forms these buildings take is presented, along with architectonic details, and the decorative elements of the round and square stupa types are analyzed. This study is enhanced by a unique collection of photographs and the author's own sketches and drawings.
Référence : 27687. Anglais
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