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Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazköi, Textfunde von Büyükkale aus den Grabungen 1956-1959 mit Nachträgen aus früheren Jahren, 2004. -

The German excavations in the Hittite capital Hattusa, which were resumed in 1931, concentrated for many years on Büyükkale, where the king's residence and several thousand fragments of cuneiform tablets were discovered. This volume continues the publication of these texts and it is a direct sequel to KBo 44. It contains 329 autographs from clay tablets, mostly of the categories festival and conjuration rites as well as other categories. A detailed list of contents provides information about the texts as well as references to duplicates. The indexes list, amongst others, the places where items where found as well as the names of Gods, persons ans places of interest.
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