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Cambodian Architecture, Eighth to Thirteenth Centuries. Handbook of Oriental Studies. Part 3 Southeast Asia, 12, 2001, XXX, 274 p., 148 ill., rel. -

The first part of this study covers the technical, economic and site constraints of the famous ancient Khmer monuments, as well as the architectural concepts and decoration of the structures. It becomes clear that the realization of the plans was occasionally thwarted by technical limitations. The second part considers the buildings proper, focusing first on pre-Angkorean architecture, and the structures at Roluos. It then considers in turn the important shrines of Pre Rup, Tak Keo, the Bapuon and Angkor Wat, and concludes with a survey of the architecture from the reign of Jayavarman VII and wooden structures of the 13th century. The book also considers the historical and social context of these monuments, forming a clear expression of early Khmer society. Readership : Architects, art historians, all those interested in South- East Asian culture.
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