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Early Buddhist Art of China and Central Asia, vol. 1. Later Han, Three Kingdoms and Western Chin in China and Bactria to Shan-shan in Central Asia. Handbook of Oriental Studies. Part 4 China, 12, 1, 1999, XXXVIII, 886 p., nbr. ill. -

The earliest Buddhist art of China can only be understood when seen in relation to a wider area comprising Central Asia and India. This is exactly the purpose of the underlying volume. Presenting the earliest Buddhist art of China in its wider context of the Bactrian and Southern Silk Road regions in Central Asia (1st to 4th century A.D.), the author offers clarifications of the issues and new assessments regarding the cross-cultural and cross-regional interrelationships, sources, dating and chronology during these formative initial phases of Buddhism from India to China. With over 500 illustrations, 18 in full colour, 76 drawings and 14 maps, the book offers not only an overview of this complex and important period, but also the fullest and most detailed analysis of the art: individually, within its local region, and in relation to the wider, trans-Asian scope essential for a proper understanding of this period for a wide range of disciplines.To those interested in Buddhist art and the art, religion and history of China, Central Asia, the Silk Road, and Asia in general.
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