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Narrative Sculpture and Literary Traditions in South and Southeast Asia. Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology, 23, 2000, XIV,174 p., 102 ill. -

The question : "how has ancient India´s incredibly rich literary heritage been visually represented" forms the centerpiece of this latest volume in Brill´s series Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology. Due to the overwhelming impression made by the texts themselves, the relationship between text and image has until now never received the attention it deserves. Numerous temples, though, not only in South Asia, but also in Southeast Asia carry the images of India´s great narratives. Special attention is given to those in Karnataka (India), Java (Indonesia), Angkor (Cambodia), and Tra Kieu (Vietnam). The work discusses theoretical aspects, provides new interpretations, and proposes innovative interpretations through advanced comparative and contextual approaches. Readership : All those interested in the culture, art and history of South and Southeast Asia.
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