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Bones and the Man : Studies in Honour of Don Brothwell, 2002, 120 p., 57 fig. n.b. et pl., rel. -

Bones and the Man : An Introduction (Keith Dobney and Terry O'Connor); A Fossil History (Chris Stringer); Palaeopathology in the Twenty-first Century (Donald Ortner); Dental Anthropology 30 Years On (Simon Hillson); Myopia and Nutritionally-inhibited Cranio-facial Growth (Mark Skinner); The Food Remains from the Colon of the Tyrolean Ice Man (Timothy Holden); Brain Pseudomorphs: Grey Matter, Grey Sediments, and Grey Literature (Sonia O'Connor); 'Size Matters': How and Why Biometry is Still Important in Zooarchaeology (Umberto Albarella); Animals as Food for the Soul (Roel Lauwerier); Was Bucephalus' Burial for Real? Recent Finds of Horse Burials in King Philip's Tomb at the Great Tumulus of Aigai, Greece (Theo Antikas, Laura Wynn-Antikas, and Thomas Alifakietis); Scales of Reference: Archaeozoological Approaches to the Study of Behavioural Change (Annie Grant); Animal Bones in Archaeology: How Archaeozoologists Can Make a Greater Contribution to British Iron Age and Romano-British Archaeology (Mark Maltby); The Rat Race: On the Quest for the Oldest Commensal Rodent (Anton Ervynck); Bones and the Man : Afterthoughts (Graeme Barker).
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