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Underwater Archaeology, Coastal and Lakeside, (actes 16e Congrès UISPP, Florianopolis, sept. 2011, vol. 5), (BAR S2631), 2014. - Actes Colloques UISPP

ARCHAEOLOGY PRE AND PROTO-HISTORIC : Underwater Prehistoric Landscape : Premiminary Results of Armacao de Pera Bay (L. Infantini, D. Moura, N. Bicho) ; Evidences and Hypothesis about the Origin and Use of Nautical Artifacts between the People of the Sambaquis (Brazil) (F. Rizzi Calippo) ; Coastline and Lithic Technology during the Tardiglacial in the Algarve (C. Mendonca, L. Infantini) / LEGISLATION, METHODOLOGIES AND APPLIED SCIENCES : The Importance of GIS in Underwater Archaeology (A. Figueiredo, I. Bernardes) ; Musealization of the Underwater Heritage of the Waters of Sergipe (A. Andrade Ferreira, E. de Castro Mendonca) ; Cave Bacelinho, Alvaiazere - From Santos Rocha to the New Investigations : the Conservation of Archaeological Iron Artefacts (A. Figueiredo, C. Monteiro, H. Félix) ; Material Preservation vs Material Conservation : Analysis and Conservation of Archaeological Material of the Site SC-NAUF-01, Santa Catarina, Brazil (C. Monteiro et al.) ; The Study and Analysis of the Behaviour of Wet Archaeological Wood during the Drying Process : The Development of Drying Methods without the Need of Consolidants or Plasticizers (C. Monteiro).
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