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Understanding the Past. A Matter of Surface-Area, (actes 13e coll. EAA, Zadar, 2007), (BAR S2194), 2011, 162 p. -

Large 'surface-area' archaeological operations in North Western Europe. A historical overview through Eastern France examples (J. Vanmoerkerke); The methodology of rescue excavations on large area and linear construction projects in Moravia (J. Peska, V. Vránová); Large-Scale Archaeology Projects in Saxony, Germany (H. Stäuble, C. Steinmann, P. de Vries); The pattern of agricultural activities in the Norman countryside (2500-30 BC) as seen through preventive excavations on the south side of Caen (B. Van den Bossche, C. Marcigny); Beware of the known. Methodological issues in the detection of low density rural occupation in large-surface archaeological landscape-assessment in Northern-Flanders (Belgium) (W. De Clercq, M. Bats, P. Laloo, J. Sergant, P. Crombé); Archaeological interventions on linear and extensive earth-moving works: what scientific value? A close look at the second Iron Age (F. Malrain, G. Blancquaert); Rescue archaeology initiated by research – a contradiction in terms? (H. Glørstad, K. Kallhovd); An extensive surface project at Aube Logistics Park (France): the methods and initial scientific results (V. Riquier, J. Grisard); Organizing archaeological research during major roadworks: the issues, constraints and principal results of the A85 and A19 motorway excavations (in the Centre Region of France) and the example of an extensive excavation on the Sublaines site (T. Guiot, E. Frénée).
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