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Techniques and People. Anthropological Perspectives on Technology in the Archaeology of the Proto-Historic and Early Historic Periods in the Southern Levant, 2009, 278 p., 100 ill. -

In this book, the editors have assembled a collection of studies documenting the embeddedness of technology in the cultures of the late prehistoric and early historic periods of the southern Levant (with one comparative study from France). Unlike studies focusing on specific technologies, this collection cross-cuts technological realms, including analyses of a wide range of techniques and materials (ceramics, metallurgy, chipped stone, bone working, lapidary, ground stone) , and in this large view traces social and cultural patterns across technologies. Focusing primarily on the basic organizing principle of chaîne opératoire, these analyses demonstrate how the structures of technology and society are integrated. They thus provide insights into structural relations within societies, between societies, and into the dynamics of social evolutionary change.
Référence : 40424. French
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