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Babies Reborn: Infant/Child Burials in Pre- and Protohistory, (actes 15e Congrès UISPP, Lisbonne, sept. 2006, Vol. 24, Session WS26), (BAR S1832), 2008, 213 p. - Actes Colloques UISPP

Early Deliberate Child Burials: Bioarchaeological insights from the Near Eastern Mediterranean (A.-M. Tillier); The Gravettian Infant Burials from Krems-Wachtberg, Austria (T. Einwögerer, M. Händel, C. Neugebauer-Maresch, U. Simon, M. Teschler-Nicola); Infant Burials in Pre-Pottery Neolithic Cyprus: Evidence from Khirokitia (F. Le Mort); Suffer the Children: 'Visualising' children in the archaeological record (M. Lillie); Çatalhöyük's Foundation Burials: Ritual child sacrifice or convenient deaths? (S. Moses); Des morts peu fiables: les sépultures néolithiques d'immatures en Grèce (M. Pomadère); A Long Way to the West: Earliest jar burials in southeast Europe and the Near East (K. Bacvarov); Infant Jar Burials – a ritual associated with early agriculture? (E. Orrelle); The Jar Burials of the Chalcolithic “Necropolis” at Byblos (G. Artin); Mobilier funéraire de nouveau-nés et d'enfants: cas d'étude de la Bulgarie (Y. Boyadziev, M. Gurova); Late Neolithic Boys at the Gomolava Cemetery (Serbia) (S. Stefanovic); Child Burials in Intramural and Extramural Contexts From the Neolithic and Chalcolithic of Romania: The problem of “inside” and “outside” 9Raluca Kogalniceanu); The Changing Relationship between the Living and the Dead: Child burial at the site of Kenan Tepe, Turkey (D. Hopwood); Childhood in Late Neolithic Vietnam: Bio-mortuary insights into an ambiguous life stage (M. Oxenham, H. Matsumura, K. Domett, N. Kim Thuy, N. Kim Dung, N. Lan Cuong, D. Huffer, S. Muller); A Social Aspect of Intramural Infant Burials' Analysis: The case of EBA Tell Yunatsite, Bulgaria (T. Mishina); Pre-Adult and Adult Burials of East Manych Catacomb Culture: Was infanticide really impossible? (M. Andreeva); Infant/Child Burials and Social Reproduction in the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age (c. 2100-800 BC) of Central Italy (E. van Rossenberg); A Biocultural Study of Children From Iron Age South Siberia (E. Murphy); Infant Burials in Iron Age Britain (B. Tibbetts); Special Burials, Special Buildings? An Anglo-Saxon perspective on the interpretation of infant burials in association with rural settlement structures (S. Crawford); Enfants Huaca: Sépultures en Ollas des enfants nés dans des circonstances spéciales selon les extirpateurs d'idolâtries andines du XVIIème siècle (M. López).
Référence : 36693. English, French
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