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Hoards from the Neolithic to the Metal Ages. Technical and codified practices, (Session XIe coll. EAA, Cork, 2005), (BAR S1758), 2008, 120 p. -

Hoards from the Neolithic to the Metal Ages: Technical and Codified Practices – Introduction (C. Hamon, B. Quilliec); 'Traders' hoards'. Reviewing the Relationship between Trade and Permanent Deposition: the Case of the Dutch Voorhout Hoard (D. Fontijn); The Symbolic Value of Grindingstones Hoards: Technical Properties of Neolithic Examples (C. Hamon); Neolithic Depositions in the Northern Netherlands (K. Wentink, A. van Gijn); Interpretation Elements of Hoards from the Late Bronze Age in Lorraine and Saar through Technical Studies (forming process and metal composition) (C. Veber); Iberian Psycho. Deliberate Destruction in Bronze Age Gold Hoards of the Iberian Peninsula (A. Perea); Voluntary Destructions of Objects in Middle and Late Bronze Age Hoards in France (M. Gabillot, C. Lagarde); Use, Wear and Damage: Treatment of Bronze Swords before Deposition (B. Quilliec); Doing away with Dichotomies? Comparative Use-Wear Analysis of Early Bronze Age Axes from Scotland (S. Moyler); Hoards and Flint Blades in Western France at the End of the Neolithic (E. Ihuel); Other than Bronze: Substances and Incorporation in Danish Bronze Age Hoards (S. Matthews).
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