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Préhistoire de l'Asie et de l'Océanie / Asian and Oceanic Prehistory, (actes 14e Congrès UISPP, Université de Liège, Belgique, 2-8 sept. 2001, Sessions générales et Posters, section 16), (BAR S1523), 2006, 65 p., ill. - Actes Colloques UISPP

Circular Earthworks in East Cambodia and South Vietnam: New Results from 2000-2001 (M.N. Haidle); Niveaux d'habitat et sépultures de l'âge du Fer à Ban Yang Thong Tai, province de Chiang-Mai (Thaïlande) (J.-P. Pautreau, P. Mornais, T. Doy Asa); Unexplored Valleys, Potential Frozen Kurgans and Heritage Management. Belgian Archaeological Research in the Altai Republic (Russian Federation): Survey and Inventory 1996-2000 (I. Bourgeois, J. Bourgeois); Ancient Hunter-Gatherers, First Sedentary Farmers and Nomad Stock Herders of Mongolia (8000-3000 BC): New Researches at Tamsagbulag (Dornod Aimak) (M.L. Séfériadès); Skeletal Markers of Task Activities in Iron Age Human Remains from Tell Mishrife (Central Syria) (A. Canci, D. Morandi Bonacossi); Le premier peuplement de la Nouvelle-Caledonie : Poteries Lapita et sociétés océaniennes colonisatrices (C. Sand, J. Bole & A. Ouetcho); Structure, Spatial Metaphors and Landscape: A Study of the Ceremonial Marae Temple Grounds in the Society Islands, French Polynesia (P. Wallin, R. Solsvik); An Early Iron Age Population Settlement System in Western Siberia (N.P. Matveeva).
Référence : 32252. English, French
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