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War and Castros. New approaches to the northwestern Portuguese Iron Age, (BAR S1198), 2003, 274 p., 67 ill. n.b. -

This doctoral thesis seeks to explore the nature of warfare in northwest Portugal within the context of Iron Age society, economy, landscape and environment. Two large appendices contain data relating to the sites that form the basis of the study and a radiocarbon dataset for the late Bronze Age and Iron Age. The main discussion looks at the appearance and development of fortified hilltop sites from c.1200 BC to the end of the 1st century, their architecture, defences, as well as the economic and production activities taking place, trade, and social and cultural interaction. Links between defended sites and metallurgical activities, and the role of centralisation and competition through long-distance trade are just some of the issues discussed.
Référence : 27801. English
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