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About us
Librairie Archéologique specializes in the distribution of archaeological publications, ranging from Prehistory to Modern Times. We deal with the archaeology of Europe and the Mediterranean, and we are currently working on extending our catalogue to other areas such as Egypt, the Near and the Middle East, the Far East, Central Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

Publications are listed with chronological and geographical markers, and with a summary for a majority of them. A database containing more than 35,000 titles is now available, most of it is accessible on our daily updated website. We mainly advertise scientific and scholarly books, but you will also find titles of general-interest, in any languages. New titles are also registered in our paper catalogue. It is released once every other month, and you can receive it free of charge (see « Catalogue request» section).

Created by Monique Mergoil in 1983, Librairie Archéologique was bought by the publishing company Editions Faton in June 2001, and is settled in Quétigny (by Dijon, Burgundy). With magazines such as Archéologia, Dossiers d’archéologie and Arkéo Junior, Editions Faton and Librairie Archéologique offer a wide range of titles in archaeology, entrusted by specialists, researchers and amateurs.