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Frequently asked questions about the catalog
How to search on your website ?
You can either try the quick search option (using one or more keywords, the author’s name, the title…) or the advanced search option, which allows you to refine yur search, to sort out the results…
The title I’m looking for is not listed in your catalogue
We can search for it if you want. Send your request to infos@librairie-archeologique.com, giving as much information as you can (author(s), exact title, publisher…). Of course, this does not commit you to anything.
The title I’m looking for is listed « Out of print » in your catalogue.
We put on-line out of print titles to offer you the most updated database we can. Though, we do not sell used books, this is why we won’t be able to provide you with out of print books, unless otherwise mentioned.
The title I’m looking for is listed « Not available » in your catalogue.
In order to provide you with the most complete information, we may put on-line titles that we won’t be able to provide you with. This does not mean that these titles are out of print, simply that we can’t get them for you for reasons beyond our control (publishing company that closed down, extremely long delivery delay…).
I would like to get some more information on a title.
In particular instances, we may give you the contents of a book. Send your request to [mail infos@librairie-archeologique.com].
I would like to buy used books / I would like to sell used books to Librairie Archéologique
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to follow up your request, as we do not sell used books.
I’m a publisher / author and I would like you to advertise my books.
We are constantly looking for new publishers and new titles. Feel free to contact us (infos@librairie-archeologique.com, Tel. 00 33 3 80 48 98 60) to discuss our business terms.