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Frequently asked questions about orders
What is the delivery delay ?
The delivery delay is mentioned in each book’s summary. Your order is sent within 48 hours if the book is in stock. If not, allow 2 weeks for titles published in France, 3 weeks for books published in Europe, and at least 4 weeks for books published out of Europe.
This data is for information only and is not guaranteed. We take no responsability in any case.
How much will I pay for shipping ?
For books sent in France, the price is 6 euros for the first book and 1 euro for each additonal book. For books sent in CEE, the price is 9 euros for the first book, and 1,50 euro for any additional book.
How do you ship books ?
Unless otherwise requested, books are sent Colissimo suivi (tracked parcel) in France and abroad. Note that parcels can’t be tracked once out of France. Books travel at the risks of the addressee.
Can I come get my books ?
We exclusively work mail-order from our offices located in Quétigny, by Dijon (Burgundy). Though, we welcome our customers from 8 :30 am to 5 :00 pm if they want to come pick up their order, or to check our books in stock.
What method of payment to you accept ?
All orders must be paid in Euros, Swiss Francs or Pounds, by credit card (carte bleue, visa, eurocard, mastercard), international money order, check or bank transfer on one of our accounts (see our banking information).
Because of bank charges, we prefer being paid by credit card or international money order. For payment from abroad, please avoid bank checks and eurochecks (extremely high bank charges). If you really can’t do otherwise, send us your check directly. Never send it through a bank (in that case, the charges can cost up to 25% of the invoice). In any case, do not deduce the bank charges shown on the invoice.
What is your banking information ?
We have bank and postal accounts in France and abroad :

French bank account : BANQUE DE L’ÉCONOMIE, Dijon 11899 00115 00085586645 91;
French postal account : FR/07/20041/01004/0775448S025/61;
Swiss postal account : Genève 12-627-1;
British bank account : Nat. Westminster Bank, Cornmarket Street Branch, 32 Cornmarket St., Oxford OX1 3HQ, Account Nr. 87252392 02.
We are not liable to VAT.
Since January 1993, European law allows us to deduce VAT (5,5% on books, 2,10% on periodicals, 20% on CD-Roms, videos…) for invoices within the EEC. Simply give us your VAT identification number. Customers who do not belong to EEC are not charged for VAT.
To whom shall I address for the follow up of my order ?
Any question related to your order must be sent to the cutomer service : infos@librairie-archeologique.com.
You can also call (+333 8048 9860), fax (+333 8048 9869), or use the following address : Librairie Archéologique - CS 50090 – 1, rue des artisans – 21803 Quetigny cedex – France.