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48.1, 2022.

Paléorient 48.1, 2022.

Dossier thématique/Thematic Issue : Delineating the End of a World: Reassessing the Ubaid/post-Ubaid Transition in Greater Mesopotamia coordonné par/coordinated by K. Abu Jayyab and J. S. Baldi

- Introduction (J. S. Baldi and K. Abu Jayyab)

- Stability and Change in Potting Communities across Mesopotamia from the Early Ubaid to Late Chalcolithic 1. New Insights from Multivariate Statistics and Social Network Analysis (K. Abu Jayyab, E. Gibbon)

- Between an End and a New Beginning. Tracking the post-Ubaid Ceramic Transition as an Indicator of Social Change (S. Baldi)

- Intrasite Variability and Changing Social Practices during the Ubaid-Late Chalcolithic Transition at Tell Zeidan, Syria (M. T. Fisher)

- The End of the Ubaid Period in the Upper Tigris River Valley (J. Kennedy)

- The View from the North. The Emergence and Spread of the Chaff-Faced Ware Oikumenè as seen from the Caucasus (ca. 4600-3500 BCE) (C. Marro)

- Defining Dalma: an incipient mountain identity? (S. Renette)

- Pottery-Making Practices between the Ubaid and the Late Chalcolithic 1 and 2: Some Observations on Ceramics from the Balikh Valley, Syria (G. Russo)

- Revisiting the South: A Typochronological Approach to the Analysis of the Ubaid Pottery based on the New Data from Tell Zurghul (Dhi Qar, Iraq) (L. Volpi)
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