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47.1, 2021.

Paléorient 47.1, 2021.

Thematic issue by F. Le Mort and A.-M. Tillier : The populations of the Near East and nearby regions: evolution of diet and health status from the Neolithization to the Early Bronze Age

- J. Guilaine, Préface
- A.-M. Tillier, Aspects of health status in Pre-Sedentism Populations of Southwestern Asia. Evidence from Qafzeh Site, Lower Galilee
- J. Stutz, F. Bocquentin, B. Chamel and M. Anton, The Effects of Early Childhood Stress on Mortality under Neolithization in the Levant: New Perspectives on Health Disparities in the Transition to Agriculture
- I. Hershkovitz, R. Sarig and H. May, Trends in Ancient Populations' Osteobiography during the Holocene: the Levantine Perspective
- B. Chamel, Dental health status changes during the Neolithisation in Syria: a diachronic perspective (9,820-6,000 cal. BC)
- J. O. Baker, B. Chamel and O. Dutour, New paleopathological evidence of the presence of tuberculosis in immature skeletal remains from Tell Aswad (8,730-8,290 BC cal., Southern Syria)
- F. Le Mort and H. Duday, Probable Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) in Pre-Pottery Neolithic Cyprus: Evidence from Khirokitia
- Y. S. Erdal, Tooth as a Tool: Activity Induced Dental Abrasion in Prehistoric Anatolia
- E. Herrscher et al., Dietary practices, cultural and social identity in the Early Bronze Age Southern Caucasus: The case of the Kura-Araxes culture
- F. Le Mort et A.-M. Tillier, Conclusion
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