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46. 1-2, 2020.

Paléorient 46. 1-2, 2020.

- On the diversity of the Palaeolithic record and patterns of Pleistocene palaeoenvironmental conditions in Southeast Arabia (K. Bretzke, E. Yousif, S. Jasim, K. Raith, A. Parton and A. Parker)

- Geometry, a measurement unit and rectangular architecture at early Neolithic Jerf el-Ahmar, Syria (G. Haklay, A. Gopher)

- Hunting in the skies: Dating, paleoenvironment and archaeology at the late Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site of Naḥal Roded 110, Eilat Mountains, Israel (M. Birkenfeld et al.)

- Animal exploitation at a large late Pre-Pottery Neolithic settlement: The zooarchaeological record from es-Sifiya, Jordan (C. A. Makarewicz, H. M. Mahasneh)

- Socio-economic complexity at the Late Chalcolithic site of Tell Helawa, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (L. Peyronel, A. Vacca)

- The central and northern Zagros during the Late Chalcolithic: An updated ceramic chronology based on recent fieldwork results in western Iran (S. Renette, S. Mohammadi Ghasrian)

- Late Chalcolithic occupation at Tell er-Ramadi (Syria): Results of the 2004-2006 salvage excavations (K. Abu Jayyab, A. Glasser, M. Albesso, E. Gibbon, I. Schwartz, A. Taraqji and S. Razzaz)

- New evidence for interregional interaction in the 3rd millennium BCE Aegean: Indus-style carnelian beads at Aegina-Kolonna, Greece (G. E. Ludvik, J. M. Kenoyer and M. Pieniazek)

- Desert kites et constructions apparentées : découvertes récentes et mise à jour de l'extension géographique (O. Barge, W. Abu-Azizeh, J. É. Brochier, R. Crassard, E. Régagnon et C. Noûs)
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