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45.2, 2019. Dossier thématique : Entre Tigre et Zagros : redécouvrir la Préhistoire du Kurdistan irakien.

Paléorient 45.2, 2019. Dossier thématique : Entre Tigre et Zagros : redécouvrir la Préhistoire du Kurdistan irakien.

Dossier thématique / Thematic issue coordonné par / coordinated by S. BALDI and A. GÓMEZ-BACH
Entre Tigre et Zagros : redécouvrir la Préhistoire du Kurdistan irakien /Between Tigris and Zagros: Rediscovering the Prehistory of Iraqi Kurdistan
J.S. BALDI and A. GÓMEZ-BACH, Introduction
R. MATTHEWS, W. MATTHEWS, A. RICHARDSON, K. RASHEED, S. WALSH, K. RAEUF, R. BENDREY, J. WHITLAM,M. CHARLES, A. BOGAARD, I. IVERSEN, D. MUDD and S. ELLIOTT, The Early Neolithic of Iraqi Kurdistan:Current research at Bestansur, Shahrizor Plain
A. TSUNEKI, K. RASHEED, N. WATANABE, R. ANMA, Y. TATSUMI and M. MINAMI, Landscape and early farmingat Neolithic sites in Slemani, Iraqi Kurdistan: A case study of Jarmo and Qalat Said Ahmadan
A. GÓMEZ-BACH, W. CRUELLS, R. ALCÀNTARA, M. SAÑA, C. DOUCHÉ and M. MOLIST, New excavations at GirdBanahilk, a Halafian site in Iraqi Kurdistan: Farmer and herder communities in the Upper Zagros Mountains
T. ODAKA, O. NIEUWENHUYSE and S. MÜHLS, From the 7th to the 6th millennium BC in Iraqi Kurdistan:A local ceramic horizon in the Shahrizor Plain .
J. GIRAUD, J. BALDI, S. BONILAURI, M. MASHKOUR, M. LEMÉE, F. PICHON, M. MURA, M.-A. POT, F. BIGLARI,M. JAMIALAHMADI, A. AMEEN, K. RAEUF, S.A. SABER, R. SOFY, J. JAMEEL and K. RASHEEDI, Human occupationalong the foothills of Northwestern Zagros during the Late Pleistocene and the Holocene in the Rania and Peshdarplains. First results of the French archaeological mission in the Governorate of Soulaimaniah (Iraqi Kurdistan)
L. MINC, J.R. ALDEN and G. STEIN, A preliminary assessment of ceramic style and chemical compositionduring the Chalcolithic era at Surezha, Iraqi Kurdistan
P. SCONZO, Pots and places in the Late Chalcolithic period. A view from the Eastern Ḫabur region(Kurdistan region, Iraq)
R. VALLET, J.S. BALDI, M. ZINGARELLO, M. SAUVAGE, H. NACCARO, C. PALADRE, F. BRIDEY, C. PADOVANI,K. RASHEED, K. RAEUF and Q. HALKAWTZ, The emergence of cultural identities and territorial policiesin the longue durée: A view from the Zagros Piedmont
M. MOLIST, Z. BRADOSTY, A. BREU, J. SISA, R. ALCÁNTARA, W. CRUELLS, C. DOUCHÉ, P. MYLONA, R. ARNAIZ,M. SAÑA, A. ZEBARI and A. GÓMEZ-BACH, New data on the 4th-3rd millennia in Northern Mesopotamia:The ancient occupations at Gird Lashkir in their archaeological contexts
C. CONATI BARBARO, M. IAMONI, D. MORANDI BONACOSSI, D. MOSCONE and H.A. QASIM, The Prehistory andProtohistory of the northwestern region of Iraqi Kurdistan: Preliminary results from the first survey campaigns
T. KERIG, T. HELMS, F. GROPS, T. RÜNGER, B. WASZK, P. SERBA and A. SOLEMAN, “From Mound to Cave”.Excavating for modeling economic landscapes in the Soran district, Iraqi Kurdistan
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