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44.2, 2018.

Paléorient 44.2, 2018.

Dossier thématique coordonné par M. Tengberg et C. Douché : Exploitation et utilisation des ressources végétales en Asie du Sud-Ouest préhistorique : M. Ergun, “Where the wild things are”. Contextual insights into wild plant exploitation at Aceramic Neolithic Asikli Hoyuk, Turkey ; L. Green, M. Charles, A. Bogaard, Exploring the agroecology of Neolithic Catalhoyuk, Central Anatolia: An archaeobotanical approach to agricultural intensity based on functional ecological analysis of arable weed flora ; C. Douché, G. Willcox, New archaeobotanical data from the Early Neolithic sites of Dja'de el-Mughara and Tell Aswad (Syria): A comparison between the Northern and the Southern Levant ; D.Q. Fuller, L. Lucas, L. Gonzalez Carretero, C. Stevens, From intermediate economies to agriculture: Trends in wild food use, domestication and cultivation among early villages in Southwest Asia ; C. Akashi, K. Tanno, F. Guliyev, Y. Nishiaki, Neolithisation processes of the South Caucasus: As viewed from macro-botanical analyses at Haci Elamxanli Tepe, West Azerbaijan ; G. Willcox, Conclusion / Varia : V. Eshed, A. Gopher, Agriculture and life style: A paleodemography of Pottery Neolithic (8500-6500 cal. BP) farming populations in the Southern Levant ; E. Galili et al., The archaeology and paleoenvironment of the submerged Pottery Neolithic settlement of Kfar Samir (Israel).
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