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42.1, 2016.

Paléorient 42.1, 2016.

S. SMITH, J. PAIGE and C.A. MAKAREWICZ, Further diversity in the Early Neolithic of the Southern Levant: A first look at the PPNA chipped stone tool assemblage from el-Hemmeh, Southern Jordan ; H.C. SCHECHTER, A. GOPHER, N. GETZOV, E. RICE, A. YAROSHEVICH and I. MILEVSKI, The obsidian assemblages from the Wadi Rabah occupations at Ein Zippori, Israel ; F. MANCLOSSI, S.A. ROSEN and P. DE MIROSHEDJI, The Canaanean Blades from Tel Yarmuth, Israel: A technological analysis ; M. JAYEZ and H. VAHDATI NASAB, A separation: Caspian Mesolithic vs Trialetian lithic industry. A research on the excavated site of Komishan, southeast of the Caspian Sea ; V. ROUX et J.-P. THALMANN, Évolution technologique et morpho-stylistique des assemblages céramiques de Tell Arqa (Liban, 3e millénaire av. J.-C.) : stabilité sociologique et changements culturels ; B. HELWING, Reconsidering the Neolithic graveyard at Tell es-Sawwan, Iraq ; C. BRENIQUET, Tell es-Sawwan, Irak. Essai de synthèse et de prospective sur la néolithisation de la plaine mésopotamienne ; C.A. MAKAREWICZ, Caprine husbandry and initial pig management east of the Jordan Valley: Animal exploitation at Neolithic Wadi Shu'eib, Jordan ; A. MCMAHON, The Encultured Vulture: Late Chalcolithic sealing images and the challenges of urbanism in 4th millennium Northern Mesopotamia ; R. SHIRAZI, The petroglyphs of the Kajou Valley, Makran, Iran: Tang Sar, Dehirak and Deskigan assemblages.
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