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41.1, 2015.

Paléorient 41.1, 2015.

M. Iserlis, Y. Goren, I. Hovsepyan, R. Greenberg, Early Kura-Araxes ceramic technology in the fourth millennium BCE site of Tsaghkasar, Armenia ; S. Maziar, Settlement dynamics of the Kura-Araxes culture: An overview of the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age in the Khoda Afarin Plain, North-Western Iran ; K. Alizadeh, H. Eghbal, S. Samei, Approaches to social complexity in Kura-Araxes culture: A view from Köhne Shahar (Ravaz) in Chaldran, Iranian Azerbaijan ; A. Abedi, B. Omrani, Kura-Araxes culture and North-Western Iran: New perspectives from Kul Tepe Jolfa (Hadishahr) ; R. Hovsepyan, On the agriculture and vegetal food economy of Kura-Araxes culture in the South Caucasus ; S. Bonilauri, Le débitage Levallois : un concept de préhension normalisé et varié ? Exemples de productions levalloiso-moustériennes issues du site d'Umm el Tlel, Syrie centrale ; T. Molleson, T. Arnold-Forster, A question of identity: Is the earliest Neolithic burial from Tell Abu Hureyra, Syria, possibly a foundation burial? ; F. Balossi Restelli, Hearth and home. Interpreting fire installations at Arslantepe, Eastern Turkey, from the fourth to the beginning of the second millennium BCE ; M. Godon, J.S. Baldi, G. Ghanem, J.J. Ibanez, F. Braemer, Qarassa North Tell, Southern Syria: The Pottery Neolithic and Chalcolithic sequence. A few lights against a dark background ; F. Zaina, Craft, administration and power in Early Dynastic Mesopotamian public buildings. Recovering the Plano-convex building at Kish, Iraq ; S. S. Amirov, A. Betts, V. N. Yagodin, Mapping ancient hunting installations on the Ustyurt Plateau, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: New results from Remote Sensing Imagery.
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