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The Archaeology of Kent to AD 800, 2007, 304 p. -

Kent's proximity to the European mainland has meant that it has always had a special relationship with its continental neighbours. At times this has been a positive force, with Kent a conduit for trade and new ideas, but on other occasions the white cliffs of Dover have symbolised defiance, with Kent being in the front line in the defence of England. The result has been an extremely rich archaeological heritage from Palaeolithic times onwards. The opening up of the Channel Tunnel and the construction of the associated high-speed railway line linking England and France, together with major development activity associated with an agenda for regeneration and economic growth, has resulted in unprecedented archaeological activity which has revolutionised our understanding of Kent's earlier past. The contributors to this volume, all of whom have specialist research interests in Kent, have combined established wisdom with the fresh information from recent work to create a new and exciting story.
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