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Paléorient 36/1, 2010. Social Development in the 6th and 5th Millennia BCE (Turkey, Iran and Southern Levant).

Kerner S., Introduction ; Wright H.T., The Zagros Frontiers of Susa during the Late 5th Millennium ; Hole F., The Organization of Ceramic Production during the Susa Period ; Pollock S., Bernbeck R., An Archaeology of Categorization and Categories in Archaeology ; Banning E.B., Houses, Households, and Changing Society in the Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic of the Southern Levant ; Braemer F., Sorin S., Toitures de basalte : encorbellement et portique dans l'architecture du Hawran (Syrie) du IVe au IIe millénaire ; Lovell J.L., Community is Cult, Cult is Community: Weaving the Web of Meanings for the Chalcolithic ; Hourani F., Late Chalcolithic/Early Bronze I Transition Settlements in the Middle Jordan Valley: Investigating Alluvial Sequences as a Chronostratigraphical Framework, and Cycles as a Social Organising Component ; Kafafi Z., The Chalcolithic Period in the Golan Heights: A Regional or Local Culture ; Carter E., The Glyptic of the Middle-Late Halaf Period at Domuztepe, Turkey (ca 5755-5450 BC) ; Kerner S., Craft Specialisation and its Relation with Social Organisation in the Late 6th to Early 4th Millennium BCE of the Southern Levant.
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