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Iron and Steel in Art. Corrosion, Colorants, Conservation, 2009, 196 p., 138 ill.

Iron and Steel in Art. Corrosion, Colorants, Conservation, 2009, 196 p., 138 ill. -

This book will be of interest to all who seek to further their understanding of iron artefacts, their corrosion, conservation and pigments based on iron compounds, which mankind has used for millennia. The authors take the reader through some of the latest observations on the occurrence and role of compounds of iron – from the hot water undersea vents where the presence of iron pyrites is thought to be vital to the emergence of life on Earth to the discovery of jarosite on the surface of Mars, possibly indicating the occurrence of water; from the pyrophoric surprises one can have when dealing with iron artefacts taken from beneath the sea to the use of a blue oxide of iron as a pigment in mediaeval wall paintings; from rusticles on the Titanic to the analysis of colouring matter on the Turin shroud. The great variety of iron compounds is examined (from the simple oxides to the exotic green rusts, from Prussian blue to yellow jarosites), the corrosion of iron in different environments is discussed and a critical review of the many attempts to conserve iron is presented. This volume will serve as a useful textbook on the subject for many years. Contents : Iron and steel in art: an introduction ; Iron oxides and hydroxides ; Iron carbonates ; Iron chlorides ; Iron sulphides and sulphates ; Iron phosphates ; Iron silicates ; Iron organometallic compounds and cyanides ; Iron corrosion in the soil and burial ; ron corrosion in the atmosphere ; Iron corrosion in marine environments ; The conservation of iron: an overview ; The conservation of iron from soil burial ; The conservation of iron in the atmosphere ; The conservation of iron from marine sites ; Conservation decisions.
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