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"Import" and "Imitation" in Archaeology, 2008, 253 p. -

P. F. Biehl, "Import" and "Imitation" in Archaeology: Theories and Methods ; A. Choyke, Shifting Meaning and Value through Imitation in the European Late Neolithic ; J. Czebreszuk, M. Szmyt, What lies behind 'Import' and 'Imitation'? Case studies from the European Late Neolithic ; T. Tkachuk, Ceramic imports and imitations in Tripilye culture at the end of period CI - period CII (3,900- 3,300 BC) ; Y. Rassamakin ; A. Nikolova, Carpathian Imports and Imitations in Context of the Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age of the Black Sea Steppe Area ; A. A. Bauer, Import, Imitation, or Communication? Pottery Style, Technology, and Coastal Contact in the Early Bronze Age Black Sea ; G. J. van Wijngaarden, The Relevance of Authenticity. Mycenaean-type pottery in the Mediterranean ; A. M. Lucena Martín, Things We Have, Things We Lack: Reconsidering the First Contacts Between Aegean and the Central and West Mediterranean ; S. Makhortykh, About the question of Cimmerian imports and imitations in Central Europe ; H. Potrebica, Contacts Between Greece and Pannonia in the Early Iron Age (with Special Concern to the Area of Thessalonica) ; M. Carucci, The Sette Sale Domus: a Proposal of Reading ; A. Kaliff, Gothic Connections – Contacts Between Eastern Scandinavia and the Southern Baltic Coast, 1000 BC – 400 AD ; N. Wicker, Import and Imitation in the Migration Period ; F. Bertemes, Discussion.
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