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The Growth of an Early State in Mesopotamia: Studies in Ur III Administration, 2008, 233 p. -

Proceedings of the First and Second Ur III Workshops at the 49th and 51St Rencontre assyriologique internationale, London July 10, 2003 and Chicago July 19, 2005 : M. Molina, The corpus of Neo-Sumerian tablets: an overview ; S. J. Garfinkle, Was the Ur III state bureaucratic? Patrimonialism and bureaucracy in the Ur III period ; C. Fischer, Of kings and cups ; T. Sharlach, «To everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn» ; W. W. Hallo, Day dates in texts from Drehem ; P. Mander, The messenger texts from Girsu ; F. D'Agostino, F. Pomponio, The Umma messenger texts ; N. Vanderroost, Distribution géographique et organisation administrative des équipes agricoles de la province d'Umma ; B. Studevent-Hickman, The workforce at Umma: some new questions ; N. Koslova, Bezeichnungen der Arbeitskräfte in Umma der Ur III-Zeit ; M. Widell, The Ur III metal loans from Ur ; K. De Graef, Rest in pieces. The archive of Igibuni.
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