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Understanding people through their pottery, (Trabalhos de Arqueologia 42), (actes 7e European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC'03), oct. 2003, Lisbonne), 2005, 321 p.

Understanding people through their pottery, (Trabalhos de Arqueologia 42), (actes 7e European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC'03), oct. 2003, Lisbonne), 2005, 321 p. -

A. Bouquillon, J. Castaing, F. Ravoire, O. Lecomte, Palissy ceramics : elemental analysis and origin of clays ; J. Buxeda Garrigos, J. Garcia-Inanez, F. Tuset Bertran, Pedregales : a coarse ware workshop of Celtiberian tradition at the Roman town of Clunia (Penalba de Castro, Burgos, Spain) ; J.-L. Cardoso, G. Querré, L. Salanova, Bell Beaker relationships along the Atlantic coast ; J. Coroado, C. Gomes, Physical and chemical characterization of ceramic wall tiles, dated to the 17th century, from the « Convento de Cristo » in Tomar, Portugal ; M. I. Dias, A. C. Valera, M.I Prudencio, Pottery production technology throughout the third millennium BC on a local settlement network in Fornos de Algodres, central Portugal ; M. I. Dias et al., Ceramic production in Monte da Pata I and Castelo das Juntas Late Iron Age sites (Guadiana Basin, southern Portugal) : some archaeometrics results ; B.V. Djordjevic, Some ethnoarchaeological possibilities in the pottery technology investigations ; M. Eiland, J. Lüning, Q. Williams, Technical analysis of earth ovens from Nieder Mörlen ; M. O. Figueiredo, T. Pereira da Silva, J. P. Veiga, J. Giralt, A. Alvarez, Contributions of ceramic debris to the chronology of restoration works at water conduits of the Roman aqueduct of Carthage ; A. Geniola, R. Laviano, I.M. Muntoni, Pottery production in Late Neolithic cult sites of Santa Barbara and Cala Scizzo (Apulia, southeast Italy) ; K. Gherdan, K.T. Biro, G. Szakmany, M. Toth, K.G. Solymos, Analysis of incrusted pottery from Vörs, southwest Hungary ; K. Gherdan, K.T. Biro, G. Szakmany, M. Toth, Technological investigation of early Neolithic pottery from Vörs, southwest Hungary ; A. Jorge, P.M. Day, A.C. Valera, M.I. Dias, M. I. Prudencio, Ceramics, style and exchange in the Early Neolithic Upper Mondego Basin : a technological approach ; A. Marti, Food and drink in the Roman world ; M. Martinon-Torres, T. Rehren, Ceramic materials in fire assay practices : a case study from 16th-century laboratory equipment ; H. Mommsen, A. Schwedt, E.D. Oren, The origin of Aegean-like pottery from western Negev and northern Sinai by Neutron Activation Analysis ; F. Oliveira, M.A. Sequeira Braga, M.I. Prudencio, M. Delgado, M.A. Gouveia, The « non vitrifiable red slip » ware found in Braga (northwest of Portugal) : a mineralogical and chemical characterization ; V.P. Vasileva, G. Brey, Provenance studies of early mediaeval fast wheel pottery from Pliska, Bulgaria ; F. Pinter, M. Satir, Preliminary results of provenance analyses on Early Iron Age knobbed ware from Troia, Thrace and the Balkans ; I. Vaz Pinto, A. Schmitt, Provenance of common wares from the Roman villae at Sao Cucufate (Beja) and Tourega (Evora) in Portugal ; M. P. Prieto-Martinez, J. Juan Tresserras, J.C. Matamala, Ceramic production in the northwestern Iberian Peninsula : studying the functional features of pottery by analysing organic material ; M.I. Prudencio, M.I. Dias, S. Da Ponte, Amphorae in Sellium from the first to the fifth century AD : importation and regional production ; C.M. Queiroz, S. Agathopoulos, The discovery of European porcelain technology ; C. Rathosi, C. Katagas, P. Tsoli-Katagas, Major and trace element characterization of Archaic and Roman pottery from Archaia, Greece ; M.A. Rodot, R. Martineau, J. Bonvalot, G. Galetti, Nature and provenance of Montilier-Platzbünden Horgen pottery (3179-3118 calendar years BC, western Switzerland) ; P. Sciau, M.A. Languille, E. Dooryhee, T. Martin, A. Vernhet, Studies of the southern Gaul sigillata ceramics : the workshops of La Graufesenque and Montans ; C. Sestier et al., Imaging vegetal inclusions in porous clayey materials and ceramics, by impregnation with fluorescent polymers ; E. Sousa, J. Silva, C. Gomes, Chemical and physical characterization of fragments from ceramic jars called « formas de acucar » exhumed in the town of Machico, Madeira Island ; M. Tabares-Dominguez, M.P. Prieto-Martinez, A study of ceramics from the Devesa do Rei site (Vedra, A Coruna, Spain) ; E. Tsantini et al., Amphora production in the pre-Roman Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula and evidence of trade with the Balearic Islands ; Y.B. Tsetlin, Ceramics culture : a real system and a source of historical information ; H.A. Veldhuijzen, Technical ceramics in early iron smelting : the role of ceramics in the early first millennium BC iron production at Tell Hammeh (as-Zarqa), Jordan ; A. Zink, J. Castaing, Developping the linear modular OSL (LM-OSL) as a new tool for ceramic dating.
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