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Towards a definition of the Aurignacian, (Trabalhos de Arqueologia 45), 2006, 377 p. -

O. Bar-Yosef, Defining the aurignacian ; J.K. Kozlowski, A dynamic view of aurignacian technology ; D. Liolios, Reflections on the role of bone tools in the definition of the early aurignacian ; J. Zilhao, Aurignacian, behavior, modern : issues of definition in the emergence of the european upper paleolithic ; F. Almeida, Looking for names and missing the point. The case of the portuguese « aurignacian V » in the framework of definitions of the aurignacian ; T. Aubry, M. Almeida, M.J. Neves, The middle-to-upper paleolithic transition in Portugal : an aurignacian phase or not ?; J.M. Maillo Fernandez, Archaic aurignacian lithic technology in Cueva Morin (Cantabria, Spain) ; F. Bon, A brief overview of aurignacian cultures in the context of the industries of the transition from the middle to the upper paleolithic ; J.-G. Bordes, News from the west : a reevaluation of the classical aurignacian sequence of the Périgord ; G. Lucas, Re-evaluation of the principal diagnostic criteria of the aurignacian : the example from Grotte XVI (Cénac-et-Saint-Julien, Dordogne) ; M. Mussi, P. Gioia, F. Negrino, Ten small sites : the diversity of the italian aurignacian ; N.J. Conard, M. Bolus, The swabian aurignacian and its place in european prehistory ; N. Teyssandier, M. Bolus, The early aurignacian in central Europe and its place in european perspective ; J.A. Svoboda, The aurignacian and after : chronology, geography and cultural taxonomy in the middle Danube region ; J.-P. Rigaud, G. Lucas, The first aurignacian technocomplexes in Europe : a revision of the bachokirian ; M. Otte, The aurignacian of the Causasus ; N. Goring-Morris, A. Belfer-Cohen, A hard look at the « levantine aurignacian » : how real is the taxon ? ; J.K. Williams, The levantine aurignacian : a closer look ; D. I. Olszewski, H.L. Dibble, To be or not to be aurignacian : the Zagros upper paleolithic.
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