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Stone Age Prehistory, 2009, 284 p. -

The studies in this wide-ranging volume focus on the analysis of stone artefacts and industries and on the ways these can be used to throw light on human behaviour from the earliest times. They have a broad chronological and geographical spread and pay particular attention to the information that may be sought at different levels of investigation, from the detailed examination of individual objects to regional or even continental perspectives. Papers on two parallel lines of enquiry - prehistoric art and the physical development of the early hominids in Africa - demonstrate the wider relevance of many of the theoretical issues raised in the course of enquiries into lithic technology. The volume has been produced in memory of Charles McBurney, formerly Professor of Quaternary Prehistory in the University of Cambridge and its authorship is drawn largely from his former pupils. As such, the book reflects both the powerful influence of his teaching and a diversity of approach arising from the experiences of prehistorians working in different parts of the world.
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