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49.1, 2023.

Paléorient 49.1, 2023.

Thematic Issue coordinated by A. BeshkanirA. Beshkani : The Palaeolithic of the Arabian Peninsula: State of Research
- Introduction. A Personal Trip into Arabian Prehistory: Past, Present And Future (A. Marks)
- Handaxes and Cleavers on Flakes of Silicified Limestone at Nahal Barak, Southern Negev and Possible Connections to the Arabian Peninsula Acheulian (O. Barzilai, M. Oron, E. Cohen-Sasson, G. Ragolski, Y. Avni)
- Tracing Palaeolithic Populations across the Horn of Arabia: Northern Oman (A. Beshkani, T. Beuzen-Waller, S. Kim, M. Jean, M. Sauvage)
- Jebel Faya and the Middle to Late Pleistocene Transition: Settlement Continuity and Behavioural Flexibility (K. Bretzke, K. Herkert)
- Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in Southern Oman from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Neolithic (J. I. Rose et al.)
- Production and Structural Tendency of Levallois Points in the Late Middle Palaeolithic of the Near East Steppe Zones and Arabia (S. Bonilauri, A. Beshkani, M. Pagli, E. Boëda)
- From Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers: Contributions of Traceology to the Study of Prehistoric Lithic Technology in Arabia (Y. H. Hilbert et al.)
- Conclusion. Progress Report on the State of Palaeolithic Research in Arabia (J. I. Rose)

- Hunting at the Fringe of the Desert: Animal Exploitation at Nahal Efe (Northern Negev, Israel) during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (R. Alcàntara et al.)
- Vegetation History and the Exploitation and Use of Plant Resources in Aceramic Neolithic Cyprus: An Assessment of Recent Archaeobotanical Research (M. Rousou)
- Earliest Evidence for Textile Technologies (L. Bender Jørgensen, A. Rast-Eicher, W. Wendrich)
- A Rare Case of Chondroblastoma from Neolithic Crete of the 7th Millennium BCE (A. P. Agelarakis)
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