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Prehistoric Flint Mines in Europe, 2023, 530 p.

Prehistoric Flint Mines in Europe, 2023, 530 p. -

Part I: Key Sites of Prehistoric Flint Mining in Europe
- The Early Neolithic mine of Defensola and the Gargano Promontory (Italy) (A. Galiberti, M. Tarantini)
- The mining complex at Rijckholt-St Geertruid (Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg NL) (M. E. Th. de Grooth, J. Deeben, J. W. de Kort, J. Schreurs)
- The Neolithic flint mines of Spiennes (Belgium) (H. Collet, J.-P.Collin)
- Grime's Graves (England) (F. Healy, P. Topping, G. Varndell)

Part II: Some other European Flint Mines
- The Flint Mine of Casa Montero (Madrid, Spain) Making Society in Early Neolithic Europe (P. Díaz-del-Río et al.)
- The Chocolate Flint Mine of Tomaszów (Poland) (R. Schild)
- Saspów near Cracow (Poland). A Neolithic flint mine of the Danubian communities (J. Lech)
- Neolithic Chert Extraction and Processing on the Southeastern Swabian Alb (Asch-Borgerhau, Germany) (L. E. Fisher, C. Knipper, S. K. Harris, R. Schreg)
- The Late Neolithic opencast flint mining and axehead blank production on the Lousberg in Aachen (Germany) (D. Schyle, J. Weiner)
- The Nagytevel flint mine (Hungary) (K. T. Biró, J. Regenye)
- Flintmining at Södra Sallerup (Sweden) (E. Rudebeck, A. Högberg, D. Olausson)
- Cissbury and the South Downs Flint Mines, Sussex (England) (D. Field)
- The neolithic flint mine at Jablines, 'le Haut-Château' (Seine-et-Marne, France) (F. Bostyn)
- The Flint Mine of Ri-Ronai (Orne, Basse-Normandie, France) (E. Ghesquière, C. Marcigny)
- The Neolithic quarries at Plancher-les-Mines (Haute-Saône, France), 5th and 4th millennia cal BC (P. Pétrequin)
- 'Les Orlets' and 'Le Grand Bois Marot' at Villemaur-sur-Vanne (Aube): face to face in the Pays d'Othe mining complex (P-A. de Labriffe)
- Borownia (Poland). A mine of striped flint from the Early Bronze Age (J. Lech)
- Wierzbica 'Zele' (Poland). A flint mine from the Bronze Age (J. Lech, D. H. Werra)
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