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Aspects of Roman Dance Culture. Religious Cults, Theatrical Entertainments, Metaphorical Appropriations, 2022, 340 p.

Aspects of Roman Dance Culture. Religious Cults, Theatrical Entertainments, Metaphorical Appropriations, 2022, 340 p. -

The fourteen chapters of this book examine Roman dance by looking at its role in Roman religion, by following it into the theatre and the banquet hall, and by tracing its (metaphorical) presence in a variety of literary contexts, including rhetorical treatises, biography, and lyric poetry. These different approaches, which draw on literary texts, inscriptions, documentary papyri, the visual record, and modern reperformances, converge in illustrating a rich and vibrant dance culture which prided itself on indigenous dances no less than on its capacity to absorb, transform, or revive the dance traditions of their Etruscan or Greek neighbours. Dance was a cultural practice which was able to affirm Romanness, for instance in the case of the Salian priests, but also to raise the question of what was Roman in the first place, for instance when the originally Greek pantomime was embraced by Augustus and came to be known as "Italian style of dancing". Together the fourteen case studies offer fresh perspectives on an underexplored topic, shedding light on the manifold contexts, functions, practitioners, and appreciations of Roman dance.

Contents :

Part I: Religion
- Between Magna Graecia and Rome. Towards an Archaeological Approach to Dance Performance in Cults (A. Bellia)
- Trois pas vers les dieux. Le tripudium entre danse et divination (F. Prescendi)
- Ritual Dances in the Imperial Epoch. What Epigraphy Can Teach about Dancing (F. Graf)
- 'Tänze, die keine Tänze waren'. Widersprüchliches über den Tanz bei Philon von Alexandrien (R. Bloch)
- 'Making the God Present within Himself '. Pantomime Dance and Devotion in Fourth-century Antioch (R. Webb)

Part II: Spectacle Culture
- Envisioning and Reenacting the Chorus in Republican Tragedy. The Cases of Naevius' Lycurgus and Ennius' Eumenides (L. Gianvittorio-Ungar)
- Roman Comedy and the Final Dance (T. J. Moore)
- Dance and the Senses at the convivium ( J. Alonso Fernández)
- Toute peine mérite salaire. L'orchēstopalaistodidaktos Stephanos (P Daris 7) ( S. Perrot)
- The Kinetic Vocabulary of Tragedy (H. Slaney)
- Performative Aspects of the Pantomime and Performative Spaces. Alcestis Barcinonensis and Archeological Sites (R. Viccei)

Part III: Discourses
- The Orator and the Dancer. Conceptualizing Gestures in Roman Performances (E. Rocconi)
- Der Dichter als Tänzer und Körperperformer. Die Kinetik des Dichtens bei Horaz (K. Schlapbach)
- Roman Rhythms. Music, Dance, and Imperial Ethics in Suetonius' Life of Augustus (L. Curtis)
Référence : 55381. English, German, French
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