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Shoes, Slippers, and Sandals. Feet and Footwear in Classical Antiquity, 2018, 338 p.

Shoes, Slippers, and Sandals. Feet and Footwear in Classical Antiquity, 2018, 338 p. -

This edited volume groups research on the significance of ancient feet and footwear, much of which was presented, discussed and reviewed at the conference: Shoes, Slippers and Sandals: Feet and Footwear in Antiquity, held at Newcastle University and the Great North Museum from 29 June–1 July 2015. Ancient dress and adornment have received significant consideration in recent scholarship, though, strikingly, feet and footwear have featured relatively little in this discussion. This volume aims to rectify this imbalance through its chapters covering a wide range of aspects associated with feet and footwear in classical antiquity. Sommaire : 1. Envisaging Footwear : S.Waite, E. Gooch, Sandals on the Wall: The Symbolism of Footwear on Athenian Painted Pottery ; V. Toillon, At the Symposium: Why Take Off Our Boots? The Significance of Boots Placed Underneath the Kline on Attic Red-Figure Vases (c. 480-450 BC) ; Y. Young, Donning Footwear: The Invention and Diffusion of an Iconographic Motif in Archaic Athens ; C. Caspers, Pantai Krepides: Shoe-Talk from Homer to Herodas / 2. Following Footprints ; S. Molinelli, Simon the Athenian: Archaeological, Sociological and Philosophical Remarks on a Philosopher Shoemaker ; S. Phillippo, Stepping onto the Stage: Aeschylus' Oresteia and Tragic Footwear ; A. Parkin, A Colossal Porphyry Foot / 3. One from a Pair : A. Smith, The Left Foot Aryballos Wearing a Network Sandal ; S. Blundell, One Shoe Off and One Shoe On: The Motif of Monosandalism in Classical Greece ; S. Pickup, A Slip and a Slap: Aphrodite and her Sandals ; C. Chrétien, Achilles' Discovery on Skyros: Status and Representation of the 'Monosandalos' in Roman Art / 4. Between Representation and Reality : A. Backe-Dahmen, Sandals for the Living, Sandals for the Dead: Roman and Their Footwear ; E. Christof, The Footwear of the Antonine Monument from Ephesus ; A. Croom, A 'Shoe' Brooch from Roman Fort at South Shields ; E. M. Greene, Metal Fittings on the Vindolanda Shoes: Footwear and Evidence for Podiatric Knowledge in the Roman World.
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