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Paléorient 36/2, 2010.

Articles : Barzilai O., Goring-Morris A.N., Bidirectional Blade Production at the PPNB Site of Kfar HaHoresh: The Techno-Typological Analysis of a Workshop Dump ; Marro C., Where did Late Chalcolithic Chaff-Faced Ware originate? Cultural Dynamics in Anatolia and Transcaucasia at the Dawn of Urban Civilization (ca 4500-3500 BC) ; Geyer B., Awad N., Al-Dbiyat M., Calvet Y., R ousset M.-O., Un « Très Long Mur » dans la steppe syrienne ; Lafont B., Contribution de la documentation cunéiforme à la connaissance du « Très Long Mur » de la steppe syrienne ; Spataro M., Fletcher A., Centralisation or Regional Identity in the Halaf Period? Examining Interactions within Fine Painted Ware Production ; Williams J.K., Bergman C.A., Upper Paleolithic Levels XIII-VI (A and B) from the 1937-1938 and 1947- 1948 Boston College Excavations and the Levantine Aurignacian at Ksar Akil, Lebanon / Notes et variétés : Mercier N., Valladas H., Meignen L., Joron J.-L., Tushabramishvili N., Adler D.S., Bar-Yosef O., Dating the Early Middle Palaeolithic Laminar Industry from Djruchula Cave, Republic of Georgia ; Djamali M., Miller N.F., Ramezani E., Andrieu-Ponel V., Beaulieu J.-L. de, Berberian M., Guibal F., Lahijani H., Lak R., Ponel P. Notes on Arboricultural and Agricultural Practices in Ancient Iran based on New Pollen Evidence ; Rosenberg D., Yeshurun R., Groman-Yaroslavski I., Winter H., Zertal A., Brown-Goodman R., Nadel D. Huzuq Musa, A Preliminary Report on the Test Excavation at a Final Epipalaeolithic/PPNA Site in the Jordan Valley.
Référence : 41587. French
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