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Rhythms and Causalities of the Anthropisation Dynamic in Europe between 8500 and 2500 cal BP: Sociocultural and/or Climatic Assumptions, (Quaternary Vol. 200, May 2009), 2009. -

D. Galop, L. Carozza, M. Magny, J. Guilaine, Rhythms and causalities of the anthropisation dynamics in Europe between 8500 and 2500 cal BP: Sociocultural and/or climatic assumptions ; G. Jalut, J.-J. Dedoubat, M. Fontugne, T. Otto, Holocene circum-Mediterranean vegetation changes: Climate forcing and human impact ; A. Bordon, O. Peyron, A.-M. Lézine, S. Brewer, E. Fouache, Pollen-inferred Late-Glacial and Holocene climate in southern Balkans (Lake Maliq) ; J.-F. Berger, J. Guilaine, The 8200 cal BP abrupt environmental change and the Neolithic transition: A Mediterranean perspective ; C. Delhon, S. Thiébault, J.-F. Berger, Environment and landscape management during the Middle Neolithic in Southern France: Evidence for agro-sylvo-pastoral systems in the Middle Rhone Valley ; M.J. Iriarte, Vegetation landscape and the anthropization of the environment in the central sector of the Northern Iberian Peninsula: Current status ; A. Martínez-Cortizas, M. Costa-Casais, J.A. López-Sáez, Environmental change in NW Iberia between 7000 and 500 cal BC ; J. A. López-Sáez et al., Landscape and climatic changes during the end of the Late Prehistory in the Amblés Valley (Ávila, central Spain), from 1200 to 400 cal BC ; M. Magny et al., Quantitative reconstruction of climatic variations during the Bronze and early Iron ages based on pollen and lake-level data in the NW Alps, France ; E. Gauthier, H. Richard , Bronze Age at Lake Bourget (NW Alps, France): Vegetation, human impact and climatic change.
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