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Image, craft and the classical world : essays in honour of D. Bailey and C. Johns, (Monogr. Instrumentum 29), 2005, 340 p., ill. -

Ce recueil d'études est consacré aux contributions de Catherine Johns et Donald Bailey à l'archéologie du monde antique. Il s'intéresse aux objets comme les lampes, statues, céramiques, etc., de la Grèce mais aussi de l'Italie, de l'Egypte ou encore de l'Empire romain. Sommaire : L. Burn, 'How few men have the right head on their shouders!' ; P. Roberts, 'Singing all summer and dancing all winter': a group of lead-glazed ware vessels in the British Museum ; D. A. Welsby, The Kingdom of Kush. Urban defences and military installations ; R. Tomber, Living in the desert: mess kits fromMons Porphyrites ; L. Chrzanovski, Lucerna Helvetica. Les lampes découvertes ou conservées en Suisse. Un état de la question ; J. Bird, The lion and the mule: from lamps to samian ; G. Dannell, Recording the loads at La Graufesenque ; Feugère, Le casque républicain de Sainte-Foy-lès Lyon et la question des casques romains surmontés d'un anneau ; N. Crummy, From bracelets to battle-honours: military armillae from the Roman conquest of Britain ; K. S. Painter, The Tunshill Roman silver arm ; W. Manning, The Newstead parade helmet ; R. Jackson, Roman bound captives: symbols of slavery ?; J. Plouviez, Whose good luck? Roman phallic ornaments from Suffolk ; J. Price, I. C. Freestone, C. Cartwright, 'All in a day's work?' The colourless cylindrical glass cups from Stonea revisited ; J. Hall, A. Wardle, Dedicated followers of fashion? Decorative bone hairpins from Roman London ; L. Allason-Jones, Coals to Newcastle ; G. de la Bédoyère, Carausius, Virgil and the marks RSR and INPCDA ; R. Hobbs, 'Why are there always so many spoons?' Hoards of precious metal in late Roman Britain ; T. S. N. Moorhead, The Hinton St Mary head of Christ and a coinof Magnentius ; M. Henig, 'A Light to lighten the Gentiles': witness inchange in the Roman Empire ; J. Bussière, Observations sur deux moules africains de lampes chrétiennes ; J. Spencer, Main Street, Diospolis Inferior ; C. et H. Williams, Roman 'House' at Mytilene ; S. Youngs, After Oldcroft: a British silver pin from Welton le Wold, Lincolnshire ; A. Evans, The Faversham mounts ; C. Entwistle, Some notes on two late-antique gold pendants in the British Museum ; D. White, The wayward history of some 'Late Antique' carved ivories in Philadelphia ; D. Buckton, Now we see through a glass, darkly.
Référence : 30604. English, French
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