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Cosa V, An Intermittent Town, Excavations 1991-1997, 2003, 424 p., 116 drawings, 102 photo dt13 coul. -

A presentation of seven years' archaeological excavation, research, and analysis of the site of Cosa. Since excavation began in 1948, the site of Cosa has become one of our most important sources of information on Roman colonization, urbanism, and daily life. The excavations published here throw light on every phase of the site's history, from the construction of a magistrate's house that encapsulates the Republican and early imperial period to the remains of a medieval castle destroyed in the fourteenth century. This book includes a narrative account of the history of the town seen in the light of the excavations, as well as the publication of all of the medieval finds from the site. Illustrated by over 150 figures and plates, including numerous reconstruction drawings and an important sequence of Roman pottery, it will be useful to all those interested in Roman and medieval archaeology and history.
Référence : 26883. English
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