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ÉPUISÉ - 10, 2002, PLOUVIEZ J. (ed.), 2003, 152 p., 77 fig. n.b.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies ÉPUISÉ - 10, 2002, PLOUVIEZ J. (ed.), 2003, 152 p., 77 fig. n.b.

This volume of the JRPS focuses on amphorae, the great long-distance travelers of the Roman pottery world. Amphorae were used to carry commodities such as wine, olive oil and fish-sauce from the rim of the Mediterranean to the extremities of the Empire. They are found throughout Britain, especially on urban sites, and have considerable potential for illuminating the date and function of Roman period settlements. This volume brings together a range of important papers on amphorae from Britain and western Europe. Several of the papers were presented at a conference on Roman amphorae held at the Museum of London in 1994. Contents: Roman amphorae in Iron Age Britain (A. P. Fitzpatrick); Cretan wine in Roman Britain (D. Williams); Amphorae and vineyards from Burgundy to the Seine (F. Laubenheimer); Amphorae from Lyon and the question of Gaulish imitations of amphorae (A. Desbat); Romano-British amphorae (R. P. Symonds); The place of Gaulish wine in the military supply of amphorae-borne commodities to Roman Scotland (A. P. Fitzpatrick); Spanish olive oil trade in late Roman Britain: Dressel 23 amphorae from Winchester (C. Carreras Monfort and D. Williams); Fish-sauce amphorae from the Iberian peninsula: The forms and observations on trade with the north-west provinces (S. Martin-Kilcher); Haltern 70: a review (C. Carreras Monfort); Ver 1908 amphoras introduced (P. R. Sealey); The Lipari origin of the 'Richborough 527' (P. Borgard and M. Cavalier); Two unusual amphora types from the Museum of London (R. Tomber); The third and second lives of amphoras in Alphen Aan Den Rijn, The Netherlands (J. H. van der Werff); Combined Bibliography for the Amphora papers; Samian Studies, 1985-96: A Review (J. Bird); The character of Lyon ware distribution (with particular attention to the evidence from the Midlands and the North of Britain) (S. Willis).
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